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Simon Park’s Freestyle Yoga Magic in New York City.

Simon is not your typical yoga teacher. He is a wandering yogi, searching for his own path in a world that wants neat yoga sequences that everybody can do. Watching Simon practice, opened up for me the creative flow of

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How to anchor your home yoga practice

No matter where or when you do your practice, an anchor holds it consistent. By Kara-Leah Grant, author of Forty Days of Yoga If you prefer to video to reading, check out the ten minute video at the end of this

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Does Yoga Make You Strong?

More athletes and coaches are realizing that yoga complements everything they’ve been trying to achieve. Whether on…,Does Yoga Make You Strong?, Go to Source

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Man Up: Get Over The Idea That Yoga’s Just For Women

As a 28 year-old guy from Wisconsin, I overlooked yoga my entire life. I didn’t think of it as…,Man Up: Get Over The Idea That Yoga’s Just For Women, Go to Source

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Yoga Rising: Waking Up To The Consciousness Shift. ~ David Dodd

Whatever our doorway to yoga—whatever our reason for going to class—as we practice, yoga wakes us up. It wakes us up in a way that is intensely political; not in the old sense of the politics of left or right,

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