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Exploring the Niyamas: Using tapas to burn through our shit

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Applying the Niyamas to Daily Life I just want to chill out under a tree! by Kara-Leah Grant Oh God do I need to cultivate tapas right now. Or I am

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What does ‘Yoga is a path to self-realisation’ mean?

Yoga as a path to self-realisation By Kara-Leah Grant, Musings from the Mat It’s the eve of my book launch and I’m watching a talk on TED called The Gift of Asking. Earlier, I took time to sit on the front deck

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How to use Mula Bandha (root lock) to strengthen every pose

Wheel pose – contract that anus! by guest author Carol Lux, The Yoga Life Next time you attempt Wheel Pose (back bend or Urdhva Dhanurasana) tell yourself; “Lock Mula Bandha!” You won’t believe the difference it will make. Like magic your

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I can do it. (And so can you)

Ready for the International Yoga Conference and Festival at Kawai Purapura By Kara-Leah Grant, Musings from the Mat Oh yes… the pressure has been on this week. I leave this Saturday for Auckland in preparation for launching Forty Days of Yoga at

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Mantra, Meditation & Reflection – The Yoga of Sound, An interview with Swami Muktimurti

Swami Muktimurti Supplied by Anahata Yoga Retreat Centre It is that time of year again where we are about to enter a significantly beneficial astrological period. In India, these months are at a time of changing seasons, and it is

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