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Maintaining a Regular Home Yoga Practice: Stop, Drop and Practice

By Kara-Leah Grant Stop, drop & practice – wherever you are. YLB Reader Christina McGrath on Lake Wanaka by Kara-Leah Grant, author of Forty Days of Yoga, Breaking down the barriers to a home yoga practice One of the techniques

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“Things that cannot last seem to us as if they will. II.5A”- Yoga Sutra

By 200hr It is talking about our lives our friends, our family, our work and own bodies when they are there, in front of us- when we can see them, and touch them – it seems as though they will

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Light On Life

By 200hr My love affair with yoga started a year ago. It was purely a physical affair. Passionate as it was, yoga to me was just asanas and pranayama. Although pranayama was conducted in the classes that I went to,

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Listen to your body…

listen to your body - doing yoga

By 200hr In yoga, we explore the limitations of a posture by finding our edges – the place where anything more would be too much, but anything less would not be enough. However, like any form of physical activity, yoga

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I do: What it Really Means to Commit to Your Yoga Business

By Guest Author This entry is part 2 of 2 in the seriesWhat does commitment look like? By guest author Keeley Mitchell, Zi Living Welcome back for another discussion from The Business Side of the Mat. In this article I

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