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Certified Yoga Teacher who has been practicing yoga for 7 years and teaching since 2009. Originally from Chicago, have traveled extensively to teach and study yoga.

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In yoga, we explore the limitations of a posture by finding our edges – the place where anything more would be too much, but anything less would not be enough. However, like any form of physical activity, yoga practice carries its own risks too – especially for people who push themselves or are pushed by teachers to “achieve” a particular pose. Therefore, it is important to know our own areas of strength and weakness and practise consistently with a teacher we know and trust. To minimize injury risk, both teachers and students need to understand where the body is most likely to get injured in yoga and know how to protect these areas. Yet sometimes, despite the best intention and right practice, “injuries just happen”.

Yoga is supposed to calm, cure, energize and strengthen us but do you know when to push yourself harder and when to listen to your body and its limits? Yoga is only beneficial to us when done correctly but more often than not, we do great injustice to our bodies by demanding superhuman endurance. We all have our limitations and sometimes in an eager bid to compete with ourselves and others, we choose to ignore the warnings that our bodies are trying so hard to tell us and end up getting ourselves injured.
However, it is easier said than done not to compete, I have to agree because I am also guilty of it. I cannot deny that the first time when I saw my classmates doing the headstand effortlessly, I felt the need to catch up immediately even though I have never done it throughout my 3 years’ of yoga practice. I struggled with it even with the wall support and wondered if I would ever achieve it before the end of my course. It seemed …read more


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