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Certified Yoga Teacher who has been practicing yoga for 7 years and teaching since 2009. Originally from Chicago, have traveled extensively to teach and study yoga.

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My love affair with yoga started a year ago. It was purely a physical affair. Passionate as it was, yoga to me was just asanas and pranayama. Although pranayama was conducted in the classes that I went to, I never thought much of it. In fact, I usually dismissed it as weird ways of breathing. Neither did I feel that it had brought me any benefits.

But after starting my YTTC, I realised how little I knew about what I had claimed as my passion. There were much deeper depths that i could explore. And so I went further. I bought books on yoga and devoured them. Pranayama, yoga philosphy etc. I cannot in truth,say at this point, that I have ingested all the material. It takes more than just superficial readings to understand and grasp the many concepts presented. What I can say is how reading these books have complemented my own practice.

One of the books that I have immensely enjoyed thus far, is the Light On Life by yoga’s revered guru B.K.S Iyengar. His story is both inspiring and touching. Born weak, his early yogic path was arduous and filled with pain, both physically and mentally. He struggled with asanas for many years without giving up. In fact, his own guru, the revered Krishnamacharya, even told him that he was unfit to do pranayama. This despite the fact that he had been teaching for several years.

Engaging tragic back story aside, what makes the book an absorbing read for me is how he breaks down the concept of asana and pranayama. For the topic on asana, with headlines such as ‘Awareness: Every pore of the skin has to become an eye’ and ‘Perfecting : Always be happy with the smallest improvement’, I was able to bring my …read more


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