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How Compassion Makes Yoga Relevant


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Visual Yoga Blog: The Knee Balance Pose.

By Ricardo das Neves Get an enhanced sense of how your body holds itself in space by balancing with something you don’t typically balance with: your knees. …read more Source:

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Yoga & My Big Adventure. ~ Anne Samit

By Anne Samit The classes I take are pretty powerful, and maybe that’s why I’ve met so many adventurous people, those that run and bike and ski and more, those that are not necessarily looking for peace or safety. And

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What Teaching Yoga has Taught Me—So Far. ~ William Hunnell

Teaching Yoga

By elephant journal When I interviewed my teacher (yes, I interviewed my perspective teacher), I learned very quickly that she was not impressed with my desire to share my practice. Skeptical best described her attitude. It’s quite likely that she

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Inhale. Hold it in. Exhale. Hold it out.

By Rachel Brathen Repeat until whatever problem was on your mind no longer feels like the end of the world. …read more Source:

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