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Lesson Plan for Beginners.

Yoga For Beginners - Lesson Plan

Pose Transition Gracious Pose or Bhadrasana, also called Sukhasana. Sit cross-legged, lengthen the spine, hands resting gently on lap. Roll shoulders up down and back and eyes closed. Overhead Stretches/ Chest Opener Interlace fingers, extend hands out in front, shoulders

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7 Mantras To Help You Become Your Most Authentic Self

By Dr. Danielle Dowling “It’s not that bad.” “It’s not like I tooooootally hate it. It’s just not 100% me. But what is? Is that even a realistic expectation?” “Part of being a grownup is doing things you don’t want

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A Detoxifying Yoga Sequence To Refresh Your Energy

By Lauren Imparato Sequence reads from top left to right. There are hundreds of yoga poses, each with specific alignment and a distinct purpose. The poses I have compiled in the sequence above will give you strength,… …read more Source:

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4 Healing Ayurvedic Spices To Add To Your Pantry

By Ananta Ripa Ajmera Did you know it is possible for your very own kitchen to be like a mini clinic, equipped with medicinal spices that can heal and prevent ailments ranging from physical pain to indigestion to itching… …read

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