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My Application of Yoga Sutra in Real Time.

By Tomomi Kojima I have yoga to prevent me from drifting around like an autumn leaf and, instead, observe my thoughts and feelings. I can stop reacting and …read more Source:

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Ashtanga Yoga: You’re Not Certified.

ashtanga yoga

By elephant journal Oh, yes, I know Ashtanga yoga. I was just certified.” The claws come out. Mr. Mysore might reply, “Really, now? How many times have you …read more Source:

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Jennifer Allen on Safe & Sustainable Yoga Practices & Teacher Trainings

By Kara-Leah Grant Jennifer Allen, founder of Jayayoga by Kara-Leah Grant Meet Jennifer Allen, a former professional dancer and musical theatre performer, who has been practicing yoga since 1995. Jennifer is now the senior facilitator at Jayayoga where she teaches

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If You Only Do 7 Stretches After A Workout, Do These

By Lauren Imparato There’s nothing like a runner’s high, but none of us like the aches and pains that can also result from a run! Trust me — I used to run 60 miles a week until I dove into

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