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Lesson Plans: Body Appreciation

Theme: Body Appreciation At a time of the year when a few pounds creep on and resolutions loom near, it’s easy to find yourself in a battle with your body. But one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself

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Lesson Plans: Core Strength

Physical theme: Core Strength Practice principle: Using the breath as a source of inner strength. What is core strength? For that matter, what is the “core” of the body? And from a yogic perspective, what is the core of who

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Lesson Plans: Finding Focus

  Physical Theme: Connecting Gaze to Action Practice Principle: Focus Let’s talk for a moment about the role of gaze in yoga. I’ve noticed a few places new yoga students tend to look during yoga class: me (the teacher), even

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Lesson Plans:Shoulder and liberation

Physical Theme: Exploring the Actions of the Shoulder Blades Practice Principle: Liberation It is sometimes said that the ultimate goal of yoga exercise is liberation. This yoga lesson plan takes the essence of that abstract and potentially intimidating idea, and

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Lesson Plans : Twisting from the Core

Physical theme: Twisting from the Core Practice Principle: Intention The anatomy of the spine allows for the greatest rotation in the cervical spine. You can easily feel this by turning the head from side to side. For this reason, we

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